FCL Full container load belonging to one consignee
LCL More than one consignee's cargo in the container (less than container)
EXPRESS B/L-WAYBILL B/l where original is surrendered at load port and delivery is granted on the non-negotiable copy
CIF/CIP Cost, insurance and freight paid
C& I Cost and insurance
C&F OR CPT Cost and Freight
FOB Free on board i.e. load port thc has to be included in price
Ex- Works Goods are delivered at gate of manf.factory to the consignee's agent
DDU Goods are to be delivered to consignee at his destination mentioned
  Including customs clearance at his port/airport.except customs duty
FTACERTIFICATE Free trade agreement certificate for reduction in duties
CFS Container Freight station ex. Gateway distripark ltd at jnpt
TERMINAL Port's discharge area ex. Jnp or nsict or gti.
ETA Expected time of arrival of the vessel or aircraft
ETD Expected time of departure of the vessel or aircraft
TRANSIT Time taken by vessel or aircraft to reach its destination
TRANSHIPMENT When two different carriers issue b/l for part of the journey
MAWB Master airway bill issued by the owner of the aircraft or vessel
HAWB Intermediary issuing a negotiable or non negotiable instrument
NVOCC Non-vessel owning common carriers
(THC)TERMINAL HANDLING CH Charges levied by the port for loading or unloading container and recovered from customer by the steamer agents
H & T or handling and transportation Charges recovered by the custodian from the importer for transport from port to cfs incl. crane for lift-on and lift off.
SCANNING Charges levied by custodian for moving container to fixed scanner located at cwc distripark for compliance with customs requirement
WHARFAGE Charges for storage of container or cargo charged by container freight station (cfs)
DETENTION Charges for using the container of the steamer agent more than the permissible limit of 5 or 14 days in case of fcl cargo
STAMP DUTY Amount recovered by maharashtra state @0.1% of value+duty
ASSESSABLE VALUE Value taken by customs at predetermined exchange rate after adding 1% towards loading/unloading of cargo
CONTAINER BOND Bond given on stamp paper to shipping co. where container is taken to godown or factory for import delivery

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