Statement for Pallet

No. Description Observation at JNPT
1 Wooden Pal 42"x42"x4" Height (4 way) Babul wood Duly Heat treated and fumigated Stamping on the pallet without dt.of fumigated Finishing of the pallet - Not up to the mark Wt. of the pallet - 20 Kg. Carrying capacity : 750 Kg. (approx) 7 planks on the top of the pallet 3 planks on the bottom of the pallet
2 Sheet on bottom of the pallet Hard board sheets of 42"x42"x3mm thickness
3 Pallatisation 25 Kg. bags are stuffed in cube shaped HD Jumbo bags of size : 45"x45"0.6 mm thick with 5 sides closed (i.e. all the four sides and bottoms) and top side with cover at one side and open at three sides. The bags are stuffed in the bags, which is the pallet in such a way that the bags will fall. i.e. Four bags in one layer with 7 lyers Then top portion of the jumbo bags 3 sides stitched manually with nylon thread. On the top of the pallatised material one ply sheet of 42"x42"x12mm is kept and strap carried out,. i.e. 3 streaps each on lengthwise width wise Then stretch wrappig is carried out manually Identification label to be affixed on the outer wrapping

Sample demonstration shown is for the Ortho Nitro Aniline of 25 Kg.
4 Strapping Material White straps - width 15mm
5 Stuffing in container After keeping one layer, one ply wood sheet 6 mm is kept on the pallet for the entire con There is no ply wood partition horizontally vertically

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