Truck type selection/Advance cargo declaration formats

Road restrictions decide the type of truck which can load the cargo to move between two distances/states ex. maharastra to silvassa/vapi in gujarat etc... 20' container weight is aprr. 2200 kgs/tank container 20' and 40' normal cont. is 4400 kgs while flat rack containers 40' is 5500 kgs.

Empty truck weight is also added to this tare weight of container and the gross weight of cargo to arrive at the correct truck selection. ex. a 20' normal container requirement will be as under a. cont wt. 2200 kgs + b. truck own wt. 9000 kgs or 11000 kgs depending on plain skeleton chassis or steel chassis.+ c. gross wt. of cargo say 22000 kgs. total 2200+11000+22000 =33200 kgs.

Four type of container trucks are available in market currently. a. upto gr.wt. 26200 kgs b. upto gr. wt 35200 kgs c. upto gr wt 40200 kgs d. volvo upto 55000 kgs.

So in the above discussed sample case, we have to take truck type (b) to avoid material seizure at gujarat or other checkpost. Fine on excess loading if type (a) truck is used will be 33200-26200=7000-00 kgs , so rs. 7000-00 plus 7000 kgs will be offloaded on road to be moved in another truck which will have to go all the way to the checkpost empty from mumbai.

All exporters to the US/europe must notify US Customs of any ocean cargo 24 hours prior to the shipment.
There are 10 data elements required from the exporter/ importer:
1. Manufacturer or supplier name and address
2. Seller or owner name and address
3. Buyer or owner name and address
4. Ship-to name and address
5. Container stuffing location
6. Consolidator or stuffer name and address
7. In case of US, Importer's record number/foreign trade zone applicant identification number
8. Consignee number or numbers
9. Country of origin
10. Commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule number
11.In case of europe, eori number available with the buyer.
12.In case of europe, tin number of the exporter.
There are 2 data elements required from the carrier:
1. Vessel stow plan
2. Container status messages
ICD is filed by the forwarder/shipping line with us/eu customs, hence they have vessel stow plan and container status messages.

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