Food, cosmetics clearance under the food safety standards and animal husbandry

60% shelf life should be balance at time of import in india i.e. 60% of life between date of manufacture and expiry.

Milk and milk products are banned for import from china and japan.
however, the ban is volatile and needs to be verified regularly.
For rest : in case of animal produce like cheese, submission of pq certificate issued from the country of origin to the animal husbandry office at koparkhairne is compulsory prior to import to prevent detention and demurrage.

Fssai clearance will also be necessary for all food products.

package to have the following information :

a. Certificate of analysis

b. Ingredients

c. Green (veg) or red (non veg) logo on all inner packs.

d. Date of manufacture

e. Date of expiry

f. Mrp if sale other than to institutional consumers.

g. Country of origin

h. Name of importer and address.

Cosmetics registeration is compulsory with the drug controller of india effective 1/4/2012.

Free sale certificate is compulsory if import is not from the manufacturer of the goods.

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