Faceless assessment and Secondhand machinery

Customs have rolled out "Faceless Assessment" throughout India in phases. Under this process, import B/E will be routed to any Customs Station in India for assessment.

Importers, CBs will neither know the Customs Station or Officer dealing with our B/E. As with any new process, there are teething problems causing unexpected delays and unwanted queries during assessment.

Chartered Engineer's certificate from country of shipment certifying:
- Year of manufacture
- Condition of the machinery
- Price of new machinery in the year of manufacture (CIF if possible).
- State of technology of the machinery vis-à-vis contemporary technology
for such machinery available internationally.
- Whether reconditioned or not. If yes, cost of reconditioning and when was
the same carried out.
- Details of spare parts, if any.
- Expected residual life of the machinery.
- Chartered Engineer"s opinion about current price offered for the machinery.

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