Appl. For factory stuffing permission

As per 5 of 2007 to obtain registeration under self sealing procedure for free s/bill and fsp cannot be applied for such shipments. In self sealing procedure, exporter himself signs all the docuemnts incl. the examination report at the reverse and the container has to be offloaded at the buffer yard for compulsory check except for all export houses and trading houses.

As per 100 of 7-10-2010 the new applications for factory stuffing permissions will contain the following
1) Request letter from Exporter/CHA with enclosures.
2) Authority letter from Exporter to CHA _______ and CHA to the person who is handling the work.
3) Annexure B (also containing e-mail address of the unit and tel no of GM/CEO of the unit)
4) NOC in sealed envelope from Central Excise duly signed by AC i.e. showing willingness to depute officers for supervising the export stuffing and showing Name and Telephone No. of Central Excise officer in case of manufacturer exporter as per annexure A
5) Sealed cover of Verification reports from Central Excise as per annexure b for merchant exporter
6) Status Certificate -Export/Star Trading House Certificate (self attested)
7) Central Excise Registration (Form RC) duly attested by Central Excise AC/Supdt.
8) Supporting Manufacturer NOC/Warehouse NOC
9) IEC/PAN copy/ RCMC self attested
10) Address:i.e.Division and Range of the jurisdictional Asstt.Commissioner of Central Excise with respect to Registered address of MERCHANT Exporter, must.
11) CA Certificate with Registration and date.
12) Balance Sheet of 03 years.
13) Blank cheque leaf of exporter duly cancelled.
14) List of Customs Station from where Exports may be effected :
Sr No Custom StationAddress of DC/AC of Custom Station of place of Export
15) List of Customs Station where they have applied for FSP and its status i.e. whether it is issued/valid as on date/suspended/revoked/cancelled.
16) Details and facts of cases if any booked against them by other Customs Stations/Excise/Service Tax Authorities in the last 03 years.

Check List of documents required to be submitted for Factory Stuffing Permission ( In case of Existing FSP Holder ) 1) Original Existing FSP
2) Request letter of Exporter
3) List of Customs Station from where Exports may be effected :
Sr No Custom StationAddress of DC/AC of Custom Station of place of Export
4) Annexure B as per public notice no.23/10 dated 26.2.2010
5) Authoity letter of CHA

18) Public Notice No.58/2009 dated 28.8.2009. If first time exports i.e. any three of the following :-
i)Copy of VAT/Sales Tax Registration/Exemption certificate of the merchant exporter
ii) A certificate from the Bank with whom the Bank Account is being maintained for the prupose of remittance of foreign exchange to the effect that account is being maintained satisfactorily.
iii) Where the bank account is less than 3 months old, details of other bank accounts held by the exporter
iv) Details of past exports made from other ports if any.
v) Balance sheet of the previous year
vi) Copy of the last Income Tax Return/VAT or Sales Tax Return filed.

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