Manual s/bill/E.p.copy /Export declaration

Gr form for manual s/bill has to be downloaded from RBI website and s/bill details zeroxed on its blank side

Proof documents/E.P.Copy
After sailing of the vessel, the shipping agent files export general manifest (EGM)

An EGM contains all details of the goods on board a vessel.

These details are no. of packages, name of exporter,gross weight,s/bill no., container no,rotation no. and port of destination.

The customs edi system maps this details against the details in the s/bill submitted by the exporter and if they tally, automatically an e.p.copy will be printed.

There is a time limit to submit complete manifest within 7 days of sailing, as per p.n. 77 dt. 2/8/2010

Customs copy is handed over to exporter as printing of exchange control copy and ep copy has been dispensed with.

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