Manual s/bill/E.p.copy /Export declaration

Gr form for manual s/bill has to be downloaded from RBI website and s/bill details zeroe on its blank side

Proof documents/E.P.Copy
After sailing of the vessel, the shipping agent files export general manifest (EGM)

An EGM contains all details of the goods on board a vessel.

These details are no. of packages, name of exporter,gross weight,s/bill no., container no,rotation no. and port of destination.

The customs edi system maps this details against the details in the s/bill submitted by the exporter and if they tally, automatically an e.p.copy will be printed.

Though there is a time limit to submit complete manifest within 7 days of sailing, it is seen that shipping lines take upto 21 days to rectify simple mistakes of rotation no.,container no., etc and then submit the complete manifest as per p.n. 77 dt. 2/8/2010

If there are other errors like wrong no. of packages or gross wt. or even wrong s/bill no., e.p.copy is not generated till the amendment request is forwarded to the additional commissioner of customs (exports) and the process takes upto 60 days since sailing.

Sometimes the amendment requires declaration from the shipping lines, and they do not give this declaration in case of factory stuffed containers where they have loaded the containers prior to out of charge given by customs.

Such e.p.copies are generated only after penalty is levied by customs.

{Sea rule 7 of Customs Valuation (Determination of value of Export Goods) rule 2007}

1. Shipping Bill No. & Date : filled by customs
2. Invoice No. & Date :
3. Nature of Transaction :
4. Method of Valuation :
5. Whether seller and buyer are related
6. If yes, Whether relationship :
7. Terms of Payment :
8. Terms of Delivery :
9. Nature of Payment :
10. Previous exports of identical/similar goods (if any) Shipping Bill No. & Date.:
11. Any other relevant information (attach separate Sheet, if necessary):
1. I/We hereby declare that the information furnished above is true, complete and correct in every aspect.
2. I/We also undertake to bring to the notice of proper office any particulars Which subsequently come to my/our knowledge which will have bearing.
on the valuation. Place:


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