Annexure C and declaration for sad refund

Refund on the following Bills of Entry No. permitted to be filed within the maximum time period of one year refundable under Notification No. 102/2007dated 14.09.2007. Certifying correlating the payment of ST/VAT on the imported goods ( in respect of which refund is claimed ) with the invoices of the sale.
Sr. no. Bill of Entry No. Qty. imported (As per B/E.) Sets/pcs Sale summery (As per Sale Inv.) Sets/ Pcs Qty. Sold Sets/ Pcs Amount of VAT/CSt Charged Challan No.& Date of Deposit Amt of VAT Deposited On items imported on B/E no.
VAT Deposited as per the copy of VAT payment Challan attached
It is further certified that,
i. The above information is from the sale invoices and carbon copy/ office copy in original of the said invoices will be furnished, if so required.
2. Against the sales, no refund of Additional duty of Customs duty has been claimed and no claim in future will be made in respect of these sales.
3. Incidence of access Customs duty deposited at the time of Customs clearance and now covered by the refund claim has not been passed on to the customers and this amount not been included in the sale value.
4. Amount of Customs duty received as refund of duty deposited at the time of Customs clearance will be treated appropriately for Tax purpose.
PLACE: Mumbai
I / We Mr. Jaiprakash Agarwal Hereby declare that-
(a) The document of the refund claim as per form above true and correct to the best of my/ our information and belief,
(b) The amount and the ground for which this refund claim has been filed has not been previously claimed and paid., and that
(c) The additional customs duty leviable under Section 3(5) of the Customs Tariff Act of which exemption is claimed by way of refund under Notification No.102/2007- Cus, has not been passed on to any other person by the importer PLACE: Mumbai

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