Annexure B for sad refund and covering letter.

ANNEXURE- B This is to declare and certify that the exemption from Special Additional Duty and consequent refund, as contained in the Notification No.102/07,Is being claimed and is required to be given effect because the following conditions are stipulated therein are fulfilled in respect of following Bills of Entry & Challans.


1. We are registered with VAT/ CST authorities of Department of Trade and Taxes, Government of Maharashtra under M.VAT/ TIN Registration No.

2. We, the importer of said goods have paid all duties, including the said Additional duty of Customs leviable thereon, as applicable, at the time of importation of the goods under above said Bills of Entry.
3. While issuing the invoices that in respect of the goods covered therein, no credit of Custom Tariff Act. 1975 shall be admissible to the buyer and the stamp in invoice ( to state that CENVAT Credit is admissible) for the purpose of Para 2 (b) of the said Notification has been affixed, The details of the invoices are given separately.
4. We, the importer have filed the claim for refund of the said additional duty of customs paid on the imported goods with the jurisdictional Customs officer, the Dy. Commissioner of Customs, jawahar Customs House , Nhava Sheva, Tal-Uran, Dist- Raigad, Navi Mumbai-400 707, the port through which the clearance of goods through Customs was obtained .
5. We, the importer have paid on sale of the said goods, appropriate Sales Tax or Value Added Tax, Inter State Tax/CST, as the case may be and details are given in the attached sheet along with the original of the Challan depositing the Tax and invoices raised in this regard.
6. We the importer have provided copies of the following documents along with the refund claim.
i. Original of the Bills of Entry and challans, detailed in attached sheet as the documents evidencing payment of the said additional duty.
Ii Original of the challans evidencing payment of appropriate sales Tax/VAT etc. as the case may be, by us on sale of such imported goods.
The refund claim in respect of the Bills of Entry as above, are filed on the month of May 11with the jurisdictional Customs officer of sanction of the refund claim satisfying that the conditions referred to in Para 2 of the said Notification No. 102/2007 dated 14.09.2007 are fulfilled.

PLACE : Mumbai The Assistant Commissioner of Customs (Refund), Refund Section, Jawahar Customs, Nhava Sheva, Sub: Application for Refund of Special Additional Duty. Ref: Notification No. 102/2007 Cus. Dated 14.09.2007 Dear Sir, We wish to lodge this claim for refund of Special Additional Duty of Customs of Rs./-( Rupees )under section 3(5) of Custom Tariff Act

1 Original importers ??copy of Bill of Entry No. along with Original TR 6 Challan No evidencing payment of Rs. as said additional duty.

2. True copies of challan evidencing payments of appropriate CST/VAT by us, together with relevant invoice-wise statement.

3. Annexure ??A?? ?? Calculation Worksheet.

4. Annexure ??B?? - Declaration

5. Annexure ??C?? ?? Summary Of Sales invoices (Compact Disk Format)

6. Part A ?? Application for S.A.D. Refund along with Declaration.

7. Part B

8. Part C

9. Authority Letter in favour of cha.

10. Our SAD A/c. duly incorporated in our Books of Accounts for the A.Y.

11. CA Certification in Annexure S

12. RTGS Request Letter

13. Commercial invoice no.399 & pertaining Packing List in original of (????????????????????)

14. Copies Of Retail Invoices (Compact Disk Format)

In view of the above, please consider our request and process the same at the earliest and oblige.

Encl : As Above

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