Annexure B for factory stuffing permission

1. IEC Details
i. IEC Number
ii. Date of issue
iii. Issuing Authority
2. Application Firm Details
i. Name
ii. Address
(Registered Office in case of Company and Head Office in case of Others)
iii. Address of Factory where goods are manufactured
iv Telephone Nos.
v. Email address (for correspondence with DGFT)
3. Details of Proprietor / Partner / Directors of the Applicant firm
i. Name
ii. Father´┐Ż??s Name
iii. Residential Address
iv. Telephone
4. Nature of Concern (please tick)
i. Government Undertaking
ii. Public Limited Company
iii. Private limited Company
iv. Proprietorship
v. Partnership
vi. Others
5. Type of Exporter (please tick)
i. Merchant Exporter
ii. Manufacturer Exporter
iii. Merchant cum Manufacturer Exporter
iv. Others (please specify)
6. Industrial Registration Details
i. SSP/IEM/LO1 or IL Registration Number
ii. Date of issue
iii. Issuing Authority
iv. Product for which registered
7. RCMC Details
i. RCMC Number
ii. Date of issue
iii. Issuing Authority
iv. Validity Date
v. Product for which registered
8. Status House Details i. One/Two/Three/Four/Five Star ii. Certificate Number iii. Date of Issue iv. Issuing Authority v. Validity Date
9. PAN and Bank Details
i. Pan Number
ii. Issuing Authority
iii. Name of the Bank
iv. Account No.
v. Type of Account
10. Excise Details
i. Excise Registration Number
ii. Issuing Authority
iii. Range & Address (Phone Number)
iv. Division & Address (Phone Number)
v. Commissionerate & Address. (Phone Number)
11. VAT Details
i. VAT Registration Number
ii. Issuing Authority
12. Turnover Details for the preceding three licensing years
FY Annual Domestic Turnover (Rs. Lakhs) Annual Export Turnover (R. Lakhs)
(enclose copy of Balance sheet)
13. Factory Stuffing Premises Details
i. Name
ii. Address
( including Survey No )
iii. Storage / handling capacity
iv. Facilities in the premises
( Attach a separate sheet) v. Telephone No of CEO/GM
vi. Email address
vii. Details of Directors of the stuffing premises
14. Details of goods for which permission is sought
i. Nature and description of export goods
ii. Scheme of export
iii. RITC Code Nos. (Attach a separate sheet, if required)
iv. Nature of packing material used in the export of goods
Signature of the Applicant Place Name Date Designation Official Address Residential Address Email Address Telephone No. Mobile No.

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